Travel & Accommodations


Over 27 years designing & project managing large scale corporate events, exhibitions and road shows have left me with a little bit of knowledge, wisdom and a great sense of humour, you need it in that industry!

I attended the Claremont School of Fine Art in Perth WA but it wasn't until I arrived in Sydney that I found my niche designing Exhibits & Events. That was 1984. I stayed with Profile Business Design & Marketing for 4 years. My cadetship as it were. Without going into my entire CV high points of my career would include being the Production Manager for Pico Exhibits Australia as well as the General Manager.

In 1996 I left Pico & started Proj-X Design with my business partner. Ten years later and far too many working hours I sold my shares to adopt the quieter life.

Amongst all those years there was time off to travel, for Good Behaviour??? and as well as visiting some 80 odd countries, most of which was for work, I have at one time or another called Germany, Greece and Indonesia all Home.


The first week of 2007 saw us putting all our belongings into storage and moving to Bali, Indonesia. The idea was to consult to a few Singaporean based PCO's (Professional Conference Organisers, watch the kids grow and for us to slow a little. To live a little more. 5 years later and we are still doing it and for the most part we are still loving it.


In the absence of having a crystal ball, I would have to say to keep on doing what it is we are doing. I still do a number of Event Design's as part of my consulting work for PCO's in Singapore, Australia and China. I have been writing magazine articles of late which brings me a lot of satisfaction, as well as company profiles and other bits of savvy word play when and where asked. And I have designed a number of companies logos, websites and general business livery. I must say that I have been very lucky and get a diverse and interesting work flow.

If you would like to assist in maintaining this lifestyle please feel free to offer me incredibly interesting forms of employment.